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The Silent Fidget Pen

Jennifer Hobbs: Founder of Mesh-It - The Silent Fidget Pen

With 16 years of teaching experience, Jennifer Hobbs has seen firsthand which strategies and resources work for middle and high school students. After seeing her students struggle with organization, she invented the DocIt 8 Pocket Folder and DocIt 4 Pocket Binder, both an instant success among students and adults.








Her latest invention, the Mesh-It: The Silent Fidget Pen, is a discreet solution for fidgeters in a office or classroom setting. She identified a desperate need to find a resource for her students and colleagues that would keep their hands occupied with minimal distractions.


The Mesh-It: The Silent Fidget Pen is an alternative to popular gadgets like the Fidget Spinner. Most of these sensory gadgets are highly visual and make noise becoming more of an interruption than a fix.


She had more than students in mind for the silent fidget pen. Her friends often vent to her about antsy co-workers who disrupt meetings with retractable pens or loud child-like widgets. The Mesh-It: The Silent Fidget Pen was truly created for all the nervous pen clickers of the world.

DocIt 8 Pocket Folder
DocIt 4 Pocket Binder
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